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Usage of HTTP Cookies

We use cookies to improve and simplify our online services .
Acceptance of cookies is not a requirement to visit our website.
However, we would like to point out that the use of the shopping cart feature
and execution of an order in our online shop is only possible with the activation of cookies.

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive and
record parameters and data for an exchange with our system and your browser.
There are two types of cookie - permanent and temporary cookies (session cookies) .
While session cookies are only stored temporarily and automatically deleted when you close the browser window, persistent cookies are stored for a certain period on your hard drive . This facilitates storage when you use our online services, by some entries you make and which are recorded, so you do not have to reenter them.

In the "Help" menu of your browser you will get the information how to process and delete cookies .
You can reject or receive a notification each time a cookie is sent to the browser on your computer.
However, this may limit the functions of our online services if you refuse cookies.
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox Arrow

  • Choose the control menu "tools" then click on "settings"
  • Click on "data privacy" (symbol in upper menu bar)
  • Click on "place according to user-defined settings" in options box
  • Activate "accept cookies"
  • Confirm your modifications by clicking on "ok"

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Arrow

  • Click on "internet options" in control menu "tools"
  • Choose the tab "data privacy" and click on the button "advanced"

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

  • After a new window appeared activate the box "cancel automatic cookie handling"
  • Enable "accept cookies"
  • Confirm your modifications in both windows by clicking on "ok"

Google Chrome Arrow

  • Click on "options" in control menu "adapt Google Chrome" (marked with a screw wrench)
  • Click on tab "details" then click on the button called "content settings"

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

  • Click on the tab "cookies" in the new window
  • Click on "accept storage of local data"
  • Apply your modifications by closing both windows by clicking on "ok"

Opera Opera Arrow

  • Click on "settings" in the top left-hand corner of the control menu (red button)
  • Click on "settings" in the submenu
  • Open the tab "advanced" and click on subitem "cookies"
  • Activate "accept cookies from visited websites only"
  • Confirm your modifications by clicking on "ok"


Safari Safari Arrow

  • Click on "settings" in the control menu in the top right-hand corner marked with a cog wheel
  • Click on the symbol "security" in upper frame
  • Open the tab "advanced" and click on subitem "cookies"
  • Activate subitem "only from visited websites" at "accept cookies"
  • Your modifications will be applied by closing the window.